Tuscan Porchetta Rub
4.5 oz


Create savory old style Italian porchetta roasts touched with a hint of fennel Butterfly your favorite pork roast, coat with olive oil and  sprinkle all sides liberally with rub. Roll the roast up like a newspaper and tie off. Bake in a 350 degree oven to 160 degrees.
Smoking this roast only enhances flavor.

This rub also is great on chops or as a spice in chicken and pork gravies Fold the rub into ground beef, turkey or chicken for FABULOUS BURGERS.

The Butcher's Grillin' and Smokin' Rub


This all -purpose spice rub is perfect for any meat or poultry. As the butcher says, 

"if you smoke it, you can rub it". 

Ribs, in particular, succumb to the flavor burst of this rub.

This rub is also great on the grill. Fold the rub into your favorite burger meat, then rub liberally on the outside; results: 


Coat your poultry with olive oil and sprinkle liberally before grilling. DElicious.

Recipes for our Rubs

The Butcher's Chipotle Grillin' and Smokin' Rub
4.5 oz


This is the fiery version of our Smoker's Rub. Get the kick of smokey chipotle added to the fabulous flavor of our regular rub on all your meats and poultry. 

Create succulent roasts, ribs, steaks and chops with any of our outrageous meat rubs. Sprinkle on chicken and turkey breasts for a flavor explosion.
Fold into and rub beef, turkey and chicken burgers to create distinctively delicious foods.

 Create and experiment, have fun and enjoy!